Monthly Archives: January 2009

Better out than in

So the temperature struggled up a couple of degrees.  I couldn’t decide whether or not to go out this morning, and was looking out of the window drinking coffee and trying to figure it out when C rang, said she was going out, and effectively made my mind up for me.  M joined us and the three of us headed out from the Square for a couple of hours this morning.  It was warmer than the last time I was out…which isn’t saying a lot…and there were a couple of icy patches around, but on the whole it was tolerable.  It was just better to be out on the bike than sitting on one in the gym! We went in a loop round to Burnham-on-Sea and back.  Nothing too exciting, but more miles on the legs.

Cycling time: 1:59:56
Distance: 28.965 miles
Avs: 14.5mph
ODO: 8051.0 miles

It’s time to get on with the fundraising now, so I’ve put some work into my “prospectus” and am going to start approaching more businesses.  If you know of a business that would like to sponsor me and have their logo on my kit for the year – let me know!

Legs we salute you!

If it had just been me, I’d have turned tail, and headed for the gym.  Instead, in extremely early sunshine, I was stood in the Square, at 8:30am, in a temperature that was quite literally freezing.  I sometimes wonder about my sanity…

But if I’m mad, so are the other four people who joined me.  Yes – the ACG were off again.  We lost one straight off, as due to bike failure he’d had to bring his MTB which really wasn’t cutting it.  So, only four of us headed out into the low rising sunshine.

Boy was it ever bitter as we set off down the road to Cheddar.  Out the other side, and a right turn into the Nyland road to take us over to Wedmore.  About 20 minutes in, my body had warmed up enough to reheat my fingers, which came as a relief.  Cold hurts!  We went through Wedmore, out on the unusually quiet Wells road, turning right at the Panborough to head across the levels to Godney and then Glastonbury.  We had coffee and cake at the Rainbow’s End cafe there – always good, not least because you can park your bikes in the rear courtyard and keep an eye on them.  Better still was the hot coffee…and in the cirumstances, carrot cake seemed like a good idea too *grin*.  It’s got a vegetable in it, so it’s practically a health food…

Somewhat reluctantly, having warmed up a little, we set off again.   It was nice to have the sun behind us and not in our eyes, but it was just as cold.  We single filed back along the main Wedmore road, with another 20 minute wait to get my fingers back again.  We swung a left before Mudgley Hill to come back through Blackford, Cheddar and home, since climbing up hills is hard when your feet are no longer a part of you.

Cycling time: 2:40:33
Distance: 36.288 miles
Avs: 13.6mph
ODO: 8022.1 miles

The weather was glorious, the wildlife was beautiful – I love a good kingfisher in the morning – but the temperature was neither!  Some of the group were suffering more than usual post holiday season too, so it was a pretty slow ride.  All things considered, I think the average speed isn’t too bad.  Better to enjoy the ride, stick as a group, and get home in one piece, than to hurtle off and come a cropper.  That’s not what the ACG is for 🙂  Roll on longer warmer days…

And as for saluting my legs?  Well, my cycling computer kindly informs me that I have now officially done over 8000 miles on this bike!  (plus a bit when it wasn’t working but hey, who’s counting).  That’s quite a long way :).  Yep – go legs!