You know, you know my way

On days like this it’s very important to stay hydrated. So George and I rode to Glastonbury to do precisely that.  Oh, and gossip of course. Then she went shopping, and I decided to see how fast I could come home. Quite, as it happens… …and I got me my QOM down the final sprint […]

Into the mystic

Enjoy this trip. And it is a trip. It’s been a mad week. Birthday riding, girly stuff, work drinks, more riding, birthday party, and one final Sunday lunch to round it all off. On Saturday five of the ACG, with no It, ventured out into the cold and windy for a Glastonbury coffee run. The […]

Ray of light

Today is Day 5 on the wagon(s).  New Year, new resolve, etc…  I’ve had a week when riding wasn’t an option, as working wasn’t optional, and the rest of my time was taken up by seeing the kind of people with whom you make appointments and don’t cancel them.  So no riding, just evening gym […]

True colours

Time to re-engage with normal life.  Which in this case, it being a Sunday morning, meant that it was time for an ACG ride.  The expected 3 riders turned into 4.  Myself, GB, GH (no longer the newbie as he’s now a fully paid up member), and the not been with us for quite a […]

You gotta be

After spending yesterday afternoon worshipping at the shrine of bicycle maintenance (aka Scorpion CS) I knew I was going to need a ride today to check that everything was shipshape and ready to go again.  So I issued a call to arms, and arranged an impromptu ACG ride, mainly because I selfishly fancied a ride in company […]

Take a good look at my face

There was a plan for Sunday, created by himself, to head out and do a loop to Bruton and back.  Now this was rather hillier and rather longer than I had had in mind when I mooted the idea of a Sunday ride, but I was prepared to MTFU (which is my new favourite phrase […]

Mon Tour de France

30th July.  Friday. Time for our first ride.  A foray into the unknown.  Having already shopped in Bergerac we had a feel for how far away that was, and besides which heading out that way meant only taking one conveniently folded map with us, which is always good.  We decided to head for Monbazillac, and recce […]

L2P Day 2

After a couple of beers in the bar the evening before, and the bad night’s sleep at the Holiday Inn, on top of a day’s cycling, I was tired enough to sleep like a baby on the ferry.  I find ferry cabins kinda womb like anyway – warm, constant noise, rocking…  We were up at […]