Cycleshow 2014

wheel of fortune

Were you at Cycleshow?  I was.  For all four days, working for Andrew with the team on the Kalas Sportswear Ltd stand.  And if you were there, and you heard a loud voice enticing you to “Fill in a form, spin the wheel, win a prize…“, then that would have been me.  The ‘shouty lady’.  Which would be why I now have no voice…!  But it was a lot of fun – I just wish we’d had more forms and more prizes and could have done it non-stop all day every day.  Even so we gave away 2500 prizes!  Still, as you may be aware, I have a pretty low boredom threshold…I’d far rather be busy, even if it hurts 🙂

still busy

But since I wasn’t always busy, I did have some time here and there to wander around.  I saw some bikes I might like…if I didn’t love mine so much.  I even saw the one I might even get to test…though I’ll not be holding my breath Graham! 😉

new Cinelli  van nicholas test campagnolo bike

I saw some famous bikes, and also a great many very lovely machines that were way out of my league, not to mention over any budget I’m ever likely to have…

famous bike bianchi speed machine

I discovered the “switch camera” button on my phone, and took far too many selfies…sorry!

found the selfie button sharps to help me recover nuun to keep me going

I drank astounding amounts of coffee and Nuun, without which I’d never have made it through, and as recovery goes, there was no better place to chill out after a long day than the Sharp’s Beach Bar…

Best of all, I got to hang out with Andrew, Anna, Josh and the Czech posse, I met up with old friends and met new people, and I saw, and even met, some famous cyclists…

me and ivan basso me and magnus backstedt chris hoy me and roger hammond me and ottilie quince me and jens voight me and alex dowsett

It was a very tiring, but pretty cool, few days.  I had a lot of fun.  The après show antics were a blast too *grin*.  My feet still hurt, and as I said, my voice has gone…but, given a similar interactive job to do on a stand, I’d cheerfully do it again.  I surprised myself by actually enjoying the whole playing with the public thing, and the dream team (Anna and I) impressed one of the other stall holders so much, there’s the possibility that more such work may come out of it.  More work is always good…since let’s face it, I need the money these days…so maybe I should add “booth bunny” to my CV?  😉  See you at Cycleshow 2015! 😀

PS: after four days surrounded by bikes, I can’t wait to ride mine…once I’ve recovered that is!

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