The Cycling Mayor Ltd

OK, so what does the Cycling Mayor Ltd ® (me!) do?

My main business is helping companies get into the world of social media – specifically, though not exclusively, through the use of Facebook & Twitter, as well as creating websites & online news/blogs.  My aim is to ascertain what my clients would like to achieve by using social media, what their goals are, and then to help them achieve them.  I usually create a customer specific campaign laying out what these goals are and how best to achieve them. This is followed by a few months of my involvement – from actually tweeting and posting for you initially (if required) and increasing your audience, showing you how it all works and how to best use your social media channels and then, after a few months, to having you up and running and able to carry on for yourself.

After an initial charge for analysing your needs and creating your campaign, I charge an hourly rate, and usually estimate around 8 hours a month work being required, depending on the level of content generation/posting you require.  Follow up on-site visits/training are at the normal hourly rate.


  • Hale Events: As part of the Marketing Team, I work on outputting content and increasing the audience for all their trade shows, be it through Twitter, general press releases, specific magazine articles, or online news stories for the show websites.
  • Julius Meinl UK: I manage their social media – from content for Twitter and Facebook, and audience generation, to launching and managing their UK website and running email sales campaigns.
  • CAROCAP: I ran their Twitter & Facebook channels before, during & after their world record attempt: as they set a new world record for the fastest supported crossing of the African continent by bicycle. 38 days, 10,700km!
  • Streets of Axbridge: I created their website and FB page.
  • Tour of Wessex: for the 2014 event I ran and managed their Twitter and Facebook content, outputting content and dealing with customer (cyclist!) interaction.
  • Trust Inheritance: I provided training, monitoring, guidance and assessment, and after a period of three months, they now have a member of staff specifically dealing with social media and running their channels successfully.
  • For Mokarabia (an Italian coffee producer), I ran a social media campaign to create interest and custom for the London Coffee Festival, which took them from 17 followers on Twitter to 450 in just 2 weeks. Twitter brought customers to their stand at the Festival as a direct result of their twitter activity. I also ran a Facebook campaign for them which reached around 87,000 people, starting from a new page, again in 2 weeks. At the last minute their barista for the show fell through, which would have been a disaster for them, but using Facebook and Twitter I found a stand-in for them at very short notice.

I also blog (as you may have gathered), ride my bike (a lot!), and review cycling events for Cyclosport. I love anything to do with writing. It’s all about words! 🙂

I hope that gives you a better idea of who I am and what I do. If you have any questions or would like any more information, please do let me know. I look forward to hearing from you,

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  1. Chris

    Jennifer, good to meet you this afternoon. I did enjoy your conversation, very rarely do we get the opportunity to talk to roadies.

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