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From May 11th 2009, to May 10th 2010, I was the Cycling Mayor.

And from May 2015 to May 2016 the Cycling Mayor rode again!

As Mayor of Axbridge in 2009, my nominated Charity was Action Medical Research.  I raised £1654.03 for them in sponsorship for cycling from London to Paris in July 2009.  During my 2009/2010 Mayoral year I cycled 4134 miles.

I started writing here, documenting my efforts, to help raise money for that and publicise my sponsors.  Which led to me riding and writing for Cyclosport.org.  And I’ve just kept going…though thanks to various things, I’m not doing as much of either just at the moment.  

Fingers crossed I will be back to riding more soon 🙂

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Action Medical Research: the forward thinking charity

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