OK, so no-one has ever really asked these questions.  But you might.  And if you did, these are the answers you’d get :

What’s with the titles of your blog entries?
With the exception of event related entries, my blog entry titles are usually song titles or lyrics.  Most of them come from something my mp3 played on the ride itself, some of them just seemed appropriate.

Who’s Marvin?
Marvin was my mp3 player.  Mostly I just called it my mp3 player.   But sometimes I called it Marvin.  And then he turned into an ipod shuffle.  Which was called Bella and now isn’t.  It’s a funny old world.

Is the Cycling Mayor going to do it again?
The Mayor bit or the Cycling bit?  Well, since I’m currently Deputy Mayor, and due to become Mayor in May 2015, I guess so…  Mind you, I guess it won’t be the same second time around, and I have health issues, and a bike to ride, so who knows?

As for the cycling, well I clearly haven’t stopped.  Having all that I’ve done so far I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked.  Etape, Maratona, Quebrantahuesos…what’s next?  I’d love to do the London 2 Paris (or similar) again but raising that amount of money is a big commitment and very hard work!  For the moment it looks like single day, closed road, hilly European events are the way to go, even if I can’t find one to do in 2015 at the moment! :).

Where should I send the free fabulous titanium/carbon frame bike that I’d like to give you?
Drop me an email, I’ll send you my address *grin*.