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Gorged on Carrot Cake

It was time for a long run, having not done one on Sunday as I’d half been planning to.  Once the mob were safely at their various schools, I set off for Cheddar, from whence M and I headed out in the sunshine.  M had planned a route, so I was happy just to be told where I was going which, in this case, was Bradford on Avon.  This meant Cheddar Gorge first thing in the morning…always a tad daunting!  Still, I think it’s getting easier…  We met up with B on the top road, and headed off.  It took a little longer than planned, due to a nasty headwind and plenty of hills…  It was a lovely scenic route though – great view, lovely weather, not too much traffic – pretty enjoyable really.

We arrived at Bradford on Avon, where we had a lovely coffee stop sitting outside a cafe by the canal, with particularly good carrot cake.  Vegetables are healthy you know 😉  Then we turned tail and headed back.  I trailed behind the pair of them as far as Chilcompton where we parted company with B, and M and I cycled back over the top together, to round things off by coming down the Gorge – full circle as it were.

Cycling time: 4:20:43
Distance: 65.287 miles
Avs: 15.0 mph
ODO: 8974.7 miles

Defenestration has always been one of my favourite words.  I think there should be a similar one for that “going very slow, something in the way, need to stop, can’t unclick…b*gger…sideways thud” thing that cyclists do, which is what happened to me when we stopped for the toilets at the canal.  With an audience.  Very dignified I don’t think…and I’m going to have an awesome bruise on my left hip.  In fact I think I may have already.  Ah well – probably good for the ego to be be knocked down a peg or two from time to time 😛

I think it’s safe to say I’m also a bit tired now…

First ride after…

ODO 7356.

The doctor has prescribed anti-inflammatories, paracetamol/ dihydracodeine, and tells me I was extremely lucky.  I think he’s probably right.

So, that said, I’ll shortly be going on my first ride since the accident – just a short easy flat one with my friend M.  I want to get back on the bike, but I don’t feel I should do it on my own yet.  What with the pain and all…and the slight nerves.  So, I need company, but company at a reasonable distance clearly.  To misquote for comedic purposes “This is my cycle space, this is your cycle space, I don’t go into yours, you don’t go into mine”…  Let’s see how I get on.

New helmet

Four days after totalling the old helmet, its replacement has arrived.  I ordered the same as I had before, since I know it fits, (which is frequently a tricky thing as I have a big head), and I also know it works!  The only concession I made to change was to have it in Titanium, rather than Red.

One shiny new Giro Indicator Cycle Helmet 2008 is now mine.  Total cost, inc p&p was £24.90 from Parker Wear, by far the best I could find on the ‘net.  Wiggle wanted £29.99 (inc p&p), and their free delivery is frequently slower than the 2-3 business days that Parker promised and delivered.

So, I have a new helmet, and no concrete reason not to be on the bike again.  However I think I’ll wait for the chronic neck/shoulder pain to subside before I hit the road…

A cycling incident

I didn’t expect my first entry here to be like this one, but hey, with cycling I reckon it’s a case of when you have the next accident, not if.

So, the ACG went out for a ride this morning as planned which did not go according to plan.  About 3/4 hour into what should have been a 2 1/2 hour ride, cycling across the levels in the morning sunshine, AJ and I locked handlebars…at which point it all went horribly wrong… The next thing I know is I’m coming round on the road a few minutes later to company, can’t really move, and can’t focus at all.  We had been a bit ahead of the other four, who variously picked us up and helped sort everything out.  Hubby found childcare and came and picked us up and took us to Casualty before going home to sort the mob.  Someone else went home for a car and got our bikes home.

We then spent several hours waiting, which was bearable only because we did at least have each other to talk to!  Having been triaged and apparently found to be in greater need I got to go first and I have concussion.  Some considerable time later, AJ had his eyebrow gash glued closed.  Finally done, hubby collected us both and took us home.  We both have some outstanding aches and bruises, although unlike him, I escaped road rash, which is nice.  My helmet is totalled – which probably shows that it was a good thing for my head that I was wearing one since the lump I have even with it is enormous.  And my back/hip is going to be a treat tomorrow.  The bikes seem ok mostly, but since one of ’em was borrowed I can see it costing money to sort it out…but that’s life.

Probably not going to get much training in for a few days methinks…