2 legged groove machine

Just a normal training loop today…and I have clearly moved on from being a rain goddess to being a wind goddess instead.  No, really, I have.  Just the very hint of my setting out on two wheels is enough to start the air currents a-swirling, and blowing from no useful direction at all.

It was supposed to be a southerly today, so it really would have made no odds which way ’round I did my loop.  However…it was an easterly, and boy did I ever get that wrong!  Clockwise would have SO much better.  More slogging into the wind…deep joy.  It was also hot and sunny which is lovely in theory, but does mean you need to drink a lot more, and a cool breeze, rather than a warm wind, would have been nice.  Ah well, I’m sure my cyclist’s stripes are coming along nicely.  Mobile tanning unit…that’s me.

Cycling time: 2:09:49
Distance: 33.41 miles
Avs: 15.4 mph
ODO: 312 miles

My computer turned itself off at one point, after having flooped whilst out the other day too.  I don’t know if it met some interference or there’s some other problem – I will have to read the (badly translated from German) handbook for guidance.  My average was 16mph+ for ages, so I don’t know quite what happened there.  Maybe I’m just hoping that I’m faster than I actually am *grin*.

The next ride is due to be a long one with S on Sunday, in the Sun, with Hills…  Bet the wind blows then too! ;).  Methinks some positive mental attitude is required…