Yep, no mp3 player today, as it was a MiniMe ride and I felt I should be paying attention to what he was doing.  We spent an hour this morning with Andrew, getting his new (shorter) stem fitted.  His saddle also had to go up – 4cms!!  4cms since June!!  OMG!  It’s no wonder I can see his ankles all the time, and that my cycling shoes don’t fit him anymore…*gulp*.  It’s a darn good thing we bought him a decent sized frame to future proof it a bit!  He’s not been on a bike for quite a long time so today’s ride was just about getting his legs going round again, and testing that the changes made have made things better.

Anyway, we did an loop for an hour in the sun, with which he is mighty pleased.  There was barely anything that counted as a hill, though he may disagree with that.  There were lots of nice quiet country roads, very few cars, nice weather, and, well, what more can you ask for?  I am ignoring the little voice that says longer, faster and hillier would be good, on the basis that it wasn’t about that, and that I plan on doing those things with GB on Sunday.

Cycling time: 1:04:32 hrs
Distance: 14.26 miles.
Avs: 13.2mph
ODO: 9880 miles

I do think I’m going to miss those Cornish hills though, and if I end up doing another big event next year, I’m thinking a training camp session down there beforehand could well be the way to go.