a thousand beautiful things

I’m a ride report behind…life has been a little busy, and since Friday’s ride with G was only a short one, it nearly didn’t seem worth writing it up.  I must remember that an hour and half on the bike would seem like a long time to most normal people! 😉  G has this theory that if you’re not doing the hours/miles, then you should do speed work or hills.  Well, we all know that I don’t go fast…so apparently it was hills.  Note to anyone cycling round here – avoid anything with the word “Coombe” in the title.  Goblin, Burrington, Canada – all Coombes.  I rest my case *grin*.

Cycling time: 1:33:45
Distance: 20.620 miles
Avs: 13.2 mph
ODO: 9541.0 miles

I don’t go up hills fast either…as you can see!

Last night was the Mayor’s Banquet (not mine – that’s next year!) and my folks came over for that.  We’d planned to cycle this morning and stuck to our guns.  By 9:45am Dad and I were on the road.  I cycled with Dad back to Portishead where they live, via the back roads, and then came back again by myself, straight down the main road, to add a bit of variety.

Cycling time: 2:37 ish..
Distance: 42.792 miles
Avs: 16.2 mph
ODO: 9582.48 miles

(My cycling computer is still playing silly b*ggers, something in the house seems to set it going, so unless you write the stats down the minute you get in, you’ll come back and they’ve changed a bit.  Luckily I made a mental note of most of it…)

The ride went really well when you consider how much was imbibed last night, and also the time at which I got to bed last night!  The first 20 minutes were fairly hideous, feeling as we did, with the addition of drizzle to perk us up…  But that cleared as we warmed up, and all those toxins have now been sweated out.  My legs felt pretty good, it cleared my head, and I’m feeling much more cheerful than I did first thing 🙂

I’ve also been sponsored online by someone today, but can’t work out who it is!  How very intriguing *grin*.  Thank you whoever you are 🙂

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