All kitted out

Yesterday my kit order went into the lovely people at Kalas.  It took a couple of sessions and some mad to-and-fro ing of emails, but the final design is all agreed, sent off, ordered…now I have to work on the paying for it!  It’s costing me a small fortune – in some respects.  However when you consider that I would have to have been buying various bits of new kit this year anyway, plus the quality of what I’m going to be getting is greater than that probably would have been, then it’s actually not so bad.  Let’s face it, half my kit is worn out, and I can’t wear S’s jacket forever!  And let’s not forget the fact that having this kit produced encouraged my sponsors, hence the reason I’m half way to my target.  Besides which, it should last me a while (it’ll have too!), so it’s all good in the long run…

So, in 4 to 6 weeks, I should be all kitted out, a team of one, in my very own team colours, logos and all.  How cool is that?!  I wonder if it’ll make me go faster…*grin*.

I’m also on the hunt for a new bike which is proving proper problematic.

  • Too much:  there’s too much choice!  too many opinions!  too much advice!
  • Size:  working out what size you are is a nightmare.  It also appears that my current bike is actually far too big for me if you go by the usual rules – it’s a 56cm whereas I probably ought to be a 50 or 52.  After three years without notable problems, it does make you wonder about this whole sizing thing…  Either way, measuring my bike didn’t help with deciding what size the new one should be 🙁
  • Colour:  ok, so I’m a girl, though actually I know some guys who are just as bad about this!  I want my bike to match my kit…and a large number of them seem to be red, which doesn’t…

My two current favourites are the Focus Culebro Triple and the Cube Axial WLS Comp.  I’m not sure quite how to progress from here – and may have to go and see a man about a bike…  Same man as does the kit actually, which brings us full circle 🙂