Back in Blighty

Back in the UK now, at my bro’s, having driven here from Chessington this evening.  Not a good decision by any stretch of the imagination!  Neither was getting lost in central London.  Hubby had to play Tom Tom on speaker phone to talk an over-wrought and in pain me to my destination… Not my finest hour 🙁

Shoulder is – when I’m not driving! – strapped up.  I have the contents of a small French pharamacie in my bag, and am about to run out of magic pink pills…but hopefully that which I do have will do the job.  It’s more painful that it was as I think the bruising is spreading…but that’s only to be expected.  Must learn to stay ON the bike *grin*.

L2P was brill.  I plan on adding details to the stage entries in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, I’d like to mention that I met some fab folk – and just for a change I’m going to use names – especially John (who rail roaded me *grin*), Kevin, Ian, Phil, Steve, Lorne (apart from the twitter photo!), and more who I will add when my addled brain can do recall…  Enjoyed the ride…and it was a ride 🙂

Now I need to go recuperate for a little while…I understand red wine is medicinal…

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