Bed of nails

Mondays are my rest day.  So, it being post-event ‘n all, I rested.  However I felt way worse on Tuesday when I had no intention of resting but my body gave me no choice in the matter as I spent most of the day doing a very good impression of a member of the walking dead!  Maybe next time I’ll bear that in mind…  Worse still was that on both Monday and Tuesday nights I didn’t sleep well – restless mind, fidgety legs, high heart rate, which meant that I was even more tired than I should rightly have been.

Yesterday, with a massive sigh of relief, I made it back to the gym.  Ok, so my knee hurt instantly on the bike, but actually it settled down once it had loosened up.  I did my normal session, including all my physio’s stretching and strengthening bits, and felt good.  What’s more I slept properly from the get go too.  See, I knew this resting lark was rubbish! 😉

I guess, if it had occurred to me, I could have ridden yesterday, but I don’t think I felt ready to, and I’m getting better at listening to my body.  So the glorious sunshine passed me by.  Not today though, oh no.  Today it was time to get back on the bike and to get back out there.  And it was very very luverly.  Really just gorgeous.  As I told GB which, from his office desk, I’m not sure he truly appreciated 😉

For starters I was about half a stone lighter, as I didn’t have to wear base layers or over-shoes or a winter jacket.  I stuck to longs though – I’m not sure the world was quite ready for my legs as yet…  But it was so nice to feel lighter, and less encumbered.  And all my clothes felt looser too – always good 🙂  Well there may just be a tad less of me than there used to be…

I spent an extremely enjoyable couple of hours cycling in the sunshine, me and my tunes, grinning away happily.  Tempting as it was to go up a big hill I decided not to push it too soon as the knee was twingeing from the get go.  Mind you once again, once warmed up, it settled down.  But it was about enjoying the ride not training, not today.  That can wait until next week 🙂

Cycling time: 1:58:38
Distance: 31.21 miles
Avs: 15.7 mph
ODO: 7602 miles

Did you know that, as of today, since I started this blog in October 2008, I have cycled over 10,000 miles?  Seems to me that that’s quite a long way 🙂  Even though it is over 30 months – that’s an average of 333 a month.  Yep – still loving my figures and stats *grin*.

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