Cheddar Cycle Store Di2 Open Evening

I’m still not better, though I may be getting there, so today’s entry is not about riding, though it is about cycling.  All things considered, riding on my own hasn’t seemed like a very good idea lately so I’ve been stuck in the gym instead where, if I get dizzy and fall over, there are at least staff to pick you up again.  I’m hoping to ride with the ACG on Sunday on the basis that if everything goes Pete Tong and I need to be picked off the floor, or helped to get home, I’ll be among friends.  Besides which, if I’m on the mend, I may have it together by then right? :).

Back to cycling.  Strictly speaking I should do these things in chronological order, so let’s start with…

…my new BikePure SportsTagID which arrived today, has been duly tailored to size, and is very lovely :).  Medical ID that’s also jewellery – how cool is that?  In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a girl, so that’s a win win thing.  Plus since I already wear a Bike Pure band, it’s kinda like a two birds with one stone thing too.  There are various other colour options for the bands, and you get 5 lines of text to customise as you wish, which is pretty cool.  Plus the customer service is responsive and friendly too – what more do you want?

Any blurring on the picture is due to a) the ineptitude of the photographer and b) the fact that I figure publishing my phone number on the ‘net just like that is possibly ill advised ;).

my personalised Bike Pure SportsTagID

I do a lot of riding on my own, and I have had the odd (ok several) accident in the past, so it seems like a good idea to have some decent form of ID on me.  Just in case…  It’s a bit like insurance – one of those things that you have so that you’ll never need it! 😉  Besides, as you can tell, I have a habit of wearing things around my wrist anyway, so what’s one more? :).

Next in the order of things…

…and after today’s gym session I popped into Cheddar Cycle Store who were holding an Open Evening with Di2.  Plenty of MAMILs, fully formed and fledgling, having the wonders of Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 system explained to them, and possibly drooling slightly…


MAMILs in the making

I’m a bit simple really.  I go with “is it shiny?”, “does it work?” and “can I afford it?”.  Well, two out of three ain’t bad…*grin*.  I do wonder how tolerant it would be of all the wet muddy training rides that I would subject it to, and I have visions of running out of juice at some inconvenient moment, though I was reassured that it copes just fine, and that the battery life is impressive.  However I suppose you want to see the shiny kit and bike really, rather than just hearing about it, right?  Oh alright then…

the shy and retiring bike...

ultegra di2 front derailleur

ultegra di2 front derailleur

ultegra di2 dual control shift/brake lever

There, is that better? 😉

Not only was it a nice way to spend part of a Friday evening, I also got to catch up with some of the guys from Somerset Cycling  and have a bit of a laugh too, which can’t be bad :).  *Fingers crossed* the next blog entry is actually about me riding my bike!