Enter Sandman

I was so tired when I got up this morning that I was practically falling asleep driving the car on my way back from the school run.  Not a good start.  So the thought of a long ride with GW was not filling me with the joys of spring.  However I hate to back down from a commitment and this morning was no exception to the rule.  Man, I wish I was less responsible! 😉

She arrived on my doorstep, in the drizzle, and a great many layers.  Now I was sure that although it was proper windy and unattractive out, it wasn’t that cold.  Something to do with the fact that I was perspiring lightly just sorting the washing out.  I resisted the temptation to put on more layers to conform, stuffed my gilet arms into the saddle bag just in case, and we headed out.

This long ride being her idea, I left the route in her hands.  I’d say capable hands but she does have a habit of getting us lost so…  Not today though, or at least not that she gave away.  Essentially we went out South (Wedmore, Shapwick, Charlton Mackrell) took in a long stretch of the busy and altogether unpleasant A37 in a Northerly direction, and came back via good coffee at the usual place in Glastonbury.  She spared me Wraxall Hill for which I am truly grateful.  Slogging up a steep bendy hill as HGVs overtake me is not my idea of fun, and the A37 had supplied quite enough of the close encounter experience already!

We sat outside Heaphy’s without regretting it – proof that it was indeed quite warm out there.  See – I told you so.  I may even have seen GW sweat en route… 😉  Mr “I’m talking to myself and having a darn good conversation” was sitting outside the cafe too, probably likewise enjoying the sun and surroundings, just to show that Fairyland never changes.  At least the quality of the coffee remains the same too 🙂  There were no fairy wings or panpipes though – so that’s something to look forward to later in the year *grin*.

Somehow we managed to suffer from the strong South Westerly wind pretty much the entire time.  More of the West less of the South too.  We got it either as a side wind or a head wind, and most of the return loop was just a slog.  GW bemoaned that her legs were getting tired which was odd because we hadn’t been up any hills [sic].  That would be any hills that she’d noticed that is!  I noticed ’em – you know those things that you go up and realise that I’m no longer even trying to get behind you?  Yes – those would be the hills.  1460 feet of them.  OK OK, not a lot, but plenty, if you see what I mean *grin*.

Cycling time: 3:30:26
Distance: 52.10 miles
Avs: 14.8 mph
ODO: 7695 miles

So with what I call hills and plenty of unceasing wind, I think we did pretty well.  OK I did pretty well.  GW had a walk in the park.  As usual a large portion of the cycling “with” GW was more watching her disappear into the distance but hey, I’m used to that, and on the quiet back roads we got to catch up a bit.  I was also allowed to take the lead for most of the run home too, which is good for the ego.  It was nice to do some less familiar roads – and the stretch along Reynaud’s Way, although hilly, was very pretty.  I may have to head out that way again.  On my own.  Slowly.  🙂

I was tired before…and am certainly not less so now.  However I feel pretty good for it, and it was time for a longer ride.  More miles is good.  It’s all training right? 🙂