Get off of my cloud

The “new” bike has done 1973 miles as of today.  Which, coincidentally, is the year I was born in  Anyway…

I probably shouldn’t have been riding today, with Sunday looming, but the weather forecast was good, and it seems a shame not to make the most of what may be the last few days of “summer”.  I convinced myself that it was a good idea by deciding to use it to do a couple of errands, thus combining trips and saving efforts.  I called Dad last night and he agreed to come over and join me.

Things never go quite according to plan, as it turns out G was joining us.  So we cycled into Cheddar, did my errands, came back, and picked her up in the Square.  We did the flattest route possible, for a couple of hours, in weather that was colder and greyer than it should have been, but not as windy as it had seemed.

Cycling time: 2:03:56
Distance: 31.32 miles
Avs: 15.1 mph
ODO: 1973 miles

More level Levels work, which is my kind of thing at the moment – I’m still feeling more tired than I would like.  I’m feeling better about corners and the like though, thanks to the advice from T at Cheddar Cycle Store which mostly involves having your weight distributed better – and it seems to be working.  *fingers crossed*.