Happy Birthday!

A year ago I started blogging my rides.  Since then I have:

  • had 3 accidents: cracking 2 helmets, and adding concussion, a few more scars, and a chipped shoulder bone to my list of cycling war wounds.  In fact, the first of these incidents was a year ago today too!
  • upgraded my bike and kit
  • raised £1654.03 for Action Medical Research, thanks to friends, family, and my lovely sponsors.
  • completed 7 events up to and including the London to Paris – a total of around 830 miles.
  • made lots of lovely cycling friends both locally with the ACG and further afield from the L2P.  I couldn’t have done it all without their help and support.
  • cycled 4928 miles – which is a bit like spending 2 weeks non-stop on the bike, and is further than I drive in a year!

So, Happy Birthday to my blog 🙂  I’ve enjoyed writing it, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, and I’m sure I shall continue.  After all, I don’t cease to be the Cycling Mayor until May, so you’ve got months more of me to go yet! *grin*.

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