I wanna get outside

Trafalgar Square

About bl**dy time too.  After a country mice weekend away and a day afterwards when work and meetings meant time was too squeezed for exercise of any sort, today I finally got back out on the bike again.  This, in case you were wondering, is a good thing.  Well, unless you’re Alan that is.  Initially he was with me, though a bit tired after a long ride on Sunday.  But it swiftly became clear that he was having a very bad day at the office, and he wasn’t with me, he was well behind me, and not looking at all good either.  I don’t think tired covered it to be honest…he really didn’t look well, and it looked more like he was ill than tired – let’s face it, he usually kicks my ar*e on both the flat and up hills, even when tired.  Not today though 🙁

So when we reached Winscombe the time had come for a parting of the ways.  His way; to be straight back down the A38 and home as fast as his legs would carry him, which probably wasn’t likely to be at anything like his normal speed or anywhere near as quickly as he’d have liked.  My way; to carry on with my planned route because I was out, I needed to be out, I needed the miles, and besides I’d made a plan, and plans are made to be stuck to.  Oh and the sun was shining, that always helps 😉

extra points if you can name this up...

extra points if you can name this up…

Off I went.  Uphill, as it happens.  Up to where the wind blows even stronger, even on a good day which, wind-wise, it already wasn’t.  Really, will the wind around here ever stop?  It seems to have become a constant.  It’s driving me mad.  Or madder! 😉  It just feels so unfair.  I was going pretty well up the hills, really well actually, but fighting the wind everywhere else?  Ick.  Double ick.  It just beats you down mentally and physically, whilst simultaneously deafening you.  It’s a bleeding miracle I managed anything approaching a respectable average speed, all things considered.  But on the upside I did my loop as planned.  I did the ups, still getting better, and I nailed Burrington Combe.  At some point down there I hit 51.7mph.  Very, very, very cool.  So, as ever, out was better than in, and now I feel better in for having been out 🙂

Cycling time: 2:02
Distance: 29.9 miles
Avg: 14.6 mph
ODO: 9692.1 miles

I have plans to ride more this week, although my company plans have clearly changed – get well soon Alan!  And for the next two weekends I have sportives.  My two big guns for this year I guess – Velothon Wales and the Dartmoor Classic.  Which makes this photo pretty appropriate 😉  I’m feeling like I might, just might, be on form.  Well, as on form as I get.  So I’m kinda interested to see how things go…  Bring it on, and wish me luck! 😀

bringing out the big guns