If I had a hammer

I’ve just spent a very constructive afternoon with Andrew, he of Kalas and Scorpion CS fame, doing remedial stuff to my bike.  All the miles it has done are taking their toll.

  • I’ve gone through yet another set of brake pads and needed new blocks too.   On a related note, the brake callipers have started seizing so had to be loosened off.  Sometime soon I should replace both of them apparently.  With better ones.
  • The gears were changing by themselves – I need a new chain and cassette fairly urgently – and it needs to be Ultegra/105 to match what is there already, so that will have to be ordered then fitted.  The cables had also loosened and have been tightened so at least changing up and down the front rings is now better.
  • The handlebar tape had to be replaced, having met the ground one to many times.  I left mine at home by accident but I think the stuff I’ve bought from Andrew is nicer anyway.
  • The headset bearings need replacing but it is apparently a non-standard size so was instead cleaned and re-greased.  Parts will have to be ordered then fitted soon.
  • The wheel bearings on both wheels are a tad knackered, but the hubs have no adjustment to them and so the bearings need replacing.  Which may or may not be possible, so maybe I’ll need two new hubs instead.  Another work in progress…
  • Sooner rather than later I’ll be needing a new chainset.  Andrew promises me that if I switch to a compact, as he recommends, I won’t lose my bottom gear so…
  • My left knee has been playing up so we adjusted the cleats.  The handlebars are now a tad lower too, which I’m looking forward to trying out.
  • And to end on a positive note – I now have a shiny carbon seat post.  I’m sure I’ll go much faster now! *grin*

I can see life is about to get quite expensive… Still, a lot of it will be a chance to improve things, rather than just fixing them, and Andrew is doing a stormin’ job so…well…it could be worse.  😉

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