Just the two of us

I’m not getting out much at the moment as every time I have plans to, the weather louses them up.  Tuesday was abandoned due to a zero degrees temperature – frostbite really isn’t my thing.

Today was better.  Although, judging by how long it took me to warm up in the bath, not much better.  Still, as I didn’t feel it too much when we were out, that’s ok.  It also managed not to rain on us.

I went out for the usual training loop with GW, and we nattered the entire way around.  GW was on her workhorse bike, the heavy Dawes, which was a blessing.  In fact, she even asked me to slow down a couple of times.  It also meant that the poor girl was stuck with sticking with me, which I imagine I appreciated much more than she did *grin*.  Yes – I know, she was handicapped – but you have to take little pleasures where you can, and that was certainly one of them.    Ah, the day that GW asked ME to slow down… 😉

Cycling time: 2:10:43
Distance: 31.93 miles
Avs: 14.6 mph
ODO: 3033 miles

Talking and cycling slows you down and also makes you work harder.  We were going to come back via the Nyland wiggle, but both my knee and shoulder were hurting.  They both felt better on the drops, but it seemed best just go come home directly.  I had a long bath to defrost in, and to soak the aforementioned achey bits, but in hindsight I’m not entirely sure that was a good idea as it seemed to induce instant fatigue pretty much as soon as I got out.  I grabbed some lunch and had to have a siesta as staying awake became impossible.  Weird!

As I sat in the bath, it hailed.  Which made me feel very pleased about being where I was and no longer where I had been 🙂