Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Another day, another ride, this time with G.  Which meant running errands, zipping around the levels, and chatting.  I’ve just used bikely to figure what our route was, and I used my phone as a stopwatch whilst out to guesstimate the trip time, so here goes:

Cycling time: 2:27:02
Distance: 37.7 miles
Avs: around 15.4mph?
ODO: 454.7 miles

It was actually further and faster than it felt, which is cool.  G had to zoom off up the A38 for the last bit – deadline at childcare – leaving me to come back in a slightly more leisurely fashion.  The weather was much nicer than predicted and not as hot as it has been, so rather nice really.  The bike went well, and I did some more down on the drops, which I’m quite liking.  More miles under the belt…

The Cycling Mayor will be taking a stand (or rather a stall) at the Axbridge Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning, complete with bike, kit, posters, the works…and hoping to get lots of new sponsors and raise lots of lovely charity money.  Pop by and say hello if you’re passing! 🙂

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