Killer Queen

Man I kicked a*se today!  Oh yes I did! *grin*.  GB and I had a Sunday morning run out to Glastonbury and back, with the usual coffee stop to admire the stereotypical Glastonbury sights.  There was a lot of nasty wind around but that notwithstanding, we had averaged 17mph by the time we pulled up at the café – and that’s with chatting on the way.  We’re good we are. 🙂

We sat outside, and I had my first coffee in weeks – today is the first day of my retox *grin*.  Well, to be fair it was actually a cappuccino, and very nice it was too.  Though it was rather worrying that the girl serving, having confused the till, couldn’t subtract £1.65 from my £2 to give me change and had to resort to a calculator…   On top of that GB’s toast took so long to turn up – being clearly a tricky culinary construction – that he eventually demanded a refund and gave up.  The gentleman – and I use the term advisedly – at the next table made a point of telling me how nice the tattoo on my left arm is, which was unusual, and quite nice.  Although we nearly got sucked into a long conversation on the subject…  Glastonbury is one place I can be guaranteed NOT to stand out in the crowd *grin*.  Well, actually, there’s not as much purple lycra there as you might think… 😉

Minus his toast, GB and I headed for home.  Having done a few hills before he met me, so as to get his hill fix in, and being carb deprived, GB admitted to being a little short on energy.  And even though the wind was more in our favour, it spent quite a lot time seeming to still be against us, and doing that annoying thing where it makes you lurch sideaways by catching you unawares at gaps in the hedge…  In fact we were hedge-hogs wherever we could be *grin*, but it was still a tad relentless.

So I decided it was my turn to be at the front, since I was feeling fine, and was no doubt also caffeine enhanced.  And I had a blast!  All the way!  Even across the Levels.  On the last stretch home, with the wind finally behind us, and pushing hard, we were briefly doing over 30 mph – and that’s on the flat!  I put my Lance face on and went for it – all the way from Cocklake to home 🙂

Cycling time: 1:55:10
Distance: 34.23 miles
Avs: 17.9 mph
ODO: 4942 miles

I left GB on the bypass, having got the jump on him away from the BP junction, and decided to push for home rather than waiting and having him cruise past me at the end – I’ve fallen for that trick before! 😉  And look how fast we went!  Even without the aid of the South African Trio!  I’m still buzzing 🙂  Oddly enough neither my knee nor my shoulder twinged at all.  Weird.  But in a good way 🙂  Detoxing is clearly good for my cycling, which I may have to bear in mind when preparing for future events…

In other news, 5 seconds might not be a lot, but it sounds a lot like a psychological advantage to me *grin*.