L2P Day 3

Time 7:55:24
Distance 117.3
Average Speed 14.7

In the Novotel on the outskirts Chartres after a long day;  My left knee went before lunch, many many hours ago,  and I didn’t get my hands on decent drugs until the last water stop 16 miles out.  Cycling with one leg is not easy – downhill and flat is ok, but uphill is a disaster when you can’t put any weight on it 🙁  But the last 16 miles?  I caned it *grin*.  Got up to 30mph for a bit, was mostly at 25ish on flat smooth roads, wind beneath my wings, just flying.  I’m quite fast sometimes you know! 😉  I even towed people with me! Can’t believe I can do a day like this 3 days in – it’s pretty much like the Dragon – but without all the pasta and rest days!  How cool is that?  But I’m REALLY going to hurt tomorrow.  Thank goodness it’s “only” 50 odd miles…and I’m looking forward to rolling into Paris, drugged up to the eyeballs, and ready for my champagne 🙂

(taken over from Hubby…)

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