My boy lollipop

Last night’s forecast for this morning was “hint of autumn” which I suppose the fog probably was.  So when it brightened up and became positively summery, and MiniMe and I had a chance to ride, it would have been downright rude to refuse.  Although I was initially a bit reluctant, feeling a bit tired after yesterday’s longer ride, I was reliably informed that it would count as a recovery ride, so I had no excuses left.  Let’s face it Autumn will be here for real soon enough…

We did the same loop as the other day, just in reverse.  MiniMe has now been UP Rug Hill, and DOWN Notting Hill.  He’s learning to enjoy descents which might just motivate him to go up the ups with a little more enthusiasm now.  Even I had a blast going down Notting Hill *grin*.

However the traffic on the more main roads was doing the usual job of making me even less likely to let MiniMe out on his own.  One particular large lorry went past us on the bypass close enough to make me duck…like that would help.  I mean really, would it kill you to give us a bit more room?  Because if you don’t it might kill us, and I’m thinking that might delay you more than the 30 secs that taking the time to go ’round us properly would.

Cycling time: 1:06:28 hrs
Distance: 14.65 miles.
Avs: 13.1 mph
ODO: 9962 miles

That not withstanding, it was actually a lovely ride.  Warmth, sun, no wind…see look, I’m all recovered! 😉