Nothing else matters

After the Bristol Belter I was oddly zen-ned out for quite a while.  A sort of it didn’t kill me, maybe it made me stronger thing.  Either that or it just took so much out of me there wasn’t enough left to be stressed out about anything.  It was quite a bizarre feeling whatever the explanation.  I didn’t even have plans to ride the bike again, and had a mad week ahead of me so was just going to muddle my way through it when, on Tuesday morning, when I was planning on going to the gym,  Mim got in touch.  She pointed out the reasonable weather, played the carpe diem card, and before I knew it I’d agreed to go for a ride.  And very nice it was too.


We kept it flat and easy, which worked for both of us – I still felt like I was in recovery mode not training mode.  The sun shone, we chatted, and it couldn’t have been much more different to the previous Sunday if it had tried.  Sunny and sociable – diametrically opposite in fact.  And man, that’s a good word :D.

Cycling time: 1:35:02 hrs
Distance: 25.79 miles
Avs: 16.3 mph.
ODO: 579.09 miles

See, I even had a smile on my face :).  Now why couldn’t it have been like that for the Bristol Belter?  Bleedin’ English weather…*sigh*.

On to the next reason I was busy.  On Thursday The Cycling Mayor Ltd went to the Cycleshow on trade day.  Which was unexpectedly awesome.  Because as it turns out, I knew lots of people!  I chatted to Pocpac and Nuun and Human Race, all of whom I’ve kinda worked with/for over the last year. To Purple Harry and Sponser Sport Food who I know of and knew from last year’s Cyclosport party.  Andrew was up there, with Neil and Josh.  From Cyclosport/Hot Chillee I saw Adam and Sven, and met Henry.  I met Dean Downing.  I met up with Belinda from Condor Cycles.  Dave Phillips from L2P happened to be there, he’s a regular reader here apparently – so hi Dave!  Local company Kiddimoto were there.  My Bike Shepherd boss Kevin was there, and Twickenham CC Sol too.  Martin Harrison, from Southern Sportive events, was there – I’ve done two of his events this year .  I was even second in line to have my photo taken with this man before his timetable (and bouncer!) moved him on…dagnamit!

There may be a couple of people I’ve forgotten in there, and I apologise if you’re one of them.  I also chatted to a few new people – re: nutrition, etape tours and so on.  I felt like I was, even only in a small way, part of the cycling industry, and I liked it :).  I wasn’t as shy about talking to people as I sometimes am either, which may have been due to the frock I was rocking – if I’m feeling good I cope with life a whole heap better.  It was apparently quite well appreciated by the pre-dominantly male audience too ;).  As I said, it was an unexpectedly good day.  I need to work at developing where I am somehow, to build on how far I’ve come since last year. That requires some serious thought though, so not now, hey?  Though if you have any ideas do let me know…  Since it was a cycleshow, I should probably show you a couple of bikes, right?


Pretty, no?  The one on the left would obviously make me go much faster.  The one on the right was made with me in mind…and probably costs less than 1/10th of the other one!

Which brings us to today.  A Monday, which is normally a rest day.  However I was away this weekend and so didn’t really need any more rest!  Plus after 6 days without the bike, even if I had made it to the gym a few times, I needed to get back out there again before I forgot how!  I have spent far too many hours driving up and down one of these of late…

…and it was time to spend some time with the bike, get some head space, and just enjoy some down time.


It was just the usual kind of training loop, in reasonable weather.  My new winter long bib tights got their second outing, and it was the first time back into the long sleeve winter jersey.  It be that time of year for sure.  It’s my first time trying out bib shorts and I think I like them.  They’re comfy, they stop the wind, the pad is good, they’re clever (zip for toilet stops!), and once they’ve bagged a little more around my over-sensitive knees, I think they’ll be just perfect :).

Cycling time: 1:53:39 hrs
Distance: 30.80 miles
Avs: 16.3 mph.
ODO: 609.89 miles

T’was not a ride of note.  My knee is not thrilled that I went out.  Strava is not particularly singing my praises.  But my head feels infinitely better for having been out there :).