Pump up the jam

Rain was forecast, but it was warm, there wasn’t any wind and I hadn’t been out all week so I decided to risk it and, on the weather front, it went pretty well.  Grey cloud, very little wind, and the heavy rain only ever threatened, never materialised.   The only wind really was that which was self generated, by which I mean caused by my motion not my digestion!  Which was nice 🙂

However half way around my wiggly loop, I realised my ride was a little squishier than I’d like, and when I pulled over I discovered the back tyre was a little less than solid.  I hate changing the back tyre – it’s mucky and takes time – so I decided to pump it up and see what happened.  Well, it never got very flat, and I stopped two more times to add more air, but it got me home.   Overnight it has turned proper pancake, and I’ll be changing it later ready to go out with the ACG tomorrow.

Cycling time: 2:10:41
Distance: 34.47 miles
Avs: 15.4 mph
ODO: 5162

It wasn’t the most exciting ride, and due to the tyre, not the fastest either, but I did enjoy it.  I practiced going round corners a bit, picturing the way the TdF guys do it, with some success.  I only wish I could go up hills the way they went up the Tourmalet yesteday! *grin*.