Reach out

I suppose it was too much to hope that I had gotten away scot free from yesterday’s little foray into ice-skating…

I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a bus.  Every muscle in my arms, neck, and upper body seems to have been wrenched or strained.  An interesting side-effect to this is that I do feel oddly muscular as a result – being more than usually aware of all the muscles I have, if you see what I mean.  The lower body, apart from the bruised hip, seems to have come out of it somewhat better, and my head is fine.  Well, unless I try to move it of course – as that involves using the neck!  Cyclist’s whiplash?  Ow and double Ow.  I hurt!  A lot!

Being capable of little more than sitting in my computer chair, I have at least done that and ordered a new helmet from Wiggle.  I did consider other helmets but hey, I know these ones work so…  Not exactly a case of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”…because it is broke *grin*, but you know what I mean…  I can hear some of you tutting, shaking your heads, and bemoaning my lack of luck/cycling skill but I’ll have you know I’ve had the last helmet since July 2009, which I think is pretty good going!

I would like to thank the kind gentleman reader who took the time out of his day to draw my attention to the Giro Crash Replacement policy.  (Yes – I have readers – how cool is that?!).  I have to admit that, because my helmet is at the lower end of the market and it would only save me £10 or less, I’ve always been too lazy to do this.   It’s the whole palaver of finding proof of purchase, sending it back and so on.  Plus it would take time, and I tend to want a new helmet straight away.

Now if my helmet was one of the more expensive ones I’m thinking it would be more worth my while, as the savings are greater.  And some of them do look very lovely.  But since I’ve now cracked three of the Indicators, it doesn’t seem to make sense to spend more money that I don’t have on something I may end up having to replace all too soon.  After all they all have to match the same safety standards, and I’ve proved they work! *grin*.  (Anyone want to buy me one of these in large?).  Yes – this does sound like a blatant plug for Giro helmets, but only because they do exactly what they say on the tin.  Did I mention I swear by them? 😉

Anyway, if you have a Giro helmet and are unlucky enough to cycle a mile in my shoes, you might like to bear the replacement policy in mind.  Especially if you’re less lazy than me.

Right, where did I put my lovely pink pills?  And then I’m thinking a long bath to soak all the pain away…  Failing that, wine is medicinal, right? *grin*