River deep, Mountain high

Having done a very strenuous yoga class on Tuesday, yesterday I was having problems walking let alone cycling, and it wasn’t just my legs killing me, it was my arms and shoulder too!  But I had the time, and the weather was with me, and G was free so I decided to go out anyway.  I duly warned G that I hurt and needed to stick to the flat…but I’m fairly sure she either wasn’t listening or didn’t believe me.

We started off by heading out through Winscombe to Sandford.  A tad hilly, but not too much.  Out across the levels (good) to Yatton and then on to the main road towards Bristol…from which we turned right to go up Goblin Coombe.  Yes – Coombe.  Remember how I feel about those?  Well yesterday was no exception.  I slogged my way up, in not-a-happy-bunny mode.  Apparently that wasn’t good enough however.  We joined the road that goes up past the Walled Garden and heads towards the A38…which is a long up.  And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we turned left before the A38 and headed up and up and up…to go ’round the Airport.  The down of  Brockley Coombe didn’t really make up for all that climbing…  From there it was flatish for a bit round Chelvey and back through Congresbury.  Up Sandford Hill, into Winscombe for a brief shop stop…and then UP Winscombe Hill!   I mean, really!  Is that any way to end a ride?!  Having said that, the zoom down the hill and then the bypass was kinda fun – I felt almost fast *grin*.

Cycling time: 2:21:02
Distance: 33.6 miles
Avs: 14.3 mph
ODO: 2092 miles

This was NOT a flat route.  See for yourselves!  It was a lovely day, the weather was great – though the chill is starting to creep in now – and it was good to be out.  My legs are not thanking me now though…

PS: my “new” bike has now done over 2000 miles.  How cool is that?  I started riding it in May, so that’s nearly 5 months.  Well – I’m impressed anyway 🙂