She drives me crazy

GW did today’s route, which was billed as being easy as she claims to be off her game…  Yeah, right.  At which point does an easy route include climbing up the hill behind Westbury-sub-Mendip?  It doesn’t!  I’ve done that hill once before with the ACG when I was prepared for it.  Today it was definitely harder.  2.2 miles of up, 643ft of climbing.  Talk about a long slow slog…while GW chats away happily beside me.  Just as well that I was too busy concentrating on pedalling, breathing, and dripping to be able to talk…or there might have been a few choice words flying around.  She has this theory that on windy wet days you might as well do hills…and I never have seen the logic in that *grrrrr*.

Ah well.  At least that was the only real grief of the whole ride.  We got there via Cocklake and across, and from there went across from Priddy to the top of the hill above Wells.  The usually lovely descent was ruined by the very strong blustery wind and the amount of traffic on a damp road – really not ideal for the easily panic stricken rider.  Yes – that would be me.  A large dollop of caution meant that we emerged at the bottom unscathed, and headed out to Wedmore on the main, very boring, terribly surfaced, road.  Once back at Cocklake, we parted company, and I headed for home as usual.  The wind was behind me, but my legs weren’t up for making the most of it – too much gym work + that hill has left me with ouchy hamstrings.  Oh, and having resorted to my winter shoes, my left knee started playing up big time too.  Lovely.

Cycling time: 2:01:08
Distance: 31.74 miles
Avs: 15.6 mph
ODO: 5041 miles

It wasn’t as bad a ride as I’d feared because the wet went away early on, and it was warm.  However  the very strong SW wind was no fun at all.

I must try and take it a bit easier between now and Sunday’s Great Weston Ride, which I’m doing with GB and as it turns out, GW.  Well, since they’re both faster than me, at least I may get left in peace to plod around.  I’m thinking hares v. tortoise here…   Less gym weights and less wind and I may do ok.  Failing that there’s pink pills and caffeine, right?  😉