Sunday morning solitary sunny cycling.  I made up my route as I went along, which is not the most satisfactory way of cycling. Too much time thinking about where I’m going, and not just enjoying the going there.  I’d have plotted myself a route first, but my PC was moving at the speed of glacier, and if I’d waited any longer for it to get its act in gear, I’d never have left the building.

So, I went out to Cross, past the Webbington, and up through Christon,  I took the steep left over the top that brings you down past Banwell Caves to Banwell, which I don’t usually do, so that was novel.  I crossed over the main road, to go down the appropriately named Summer Lane, and to wiggle around roads that I’ve only been down once before in the mud with the ACG, to get to cross the A370 and head for Wick St Lawrence.  Yes, I was on my way to the seaside.  Remind me not to do that again for a while.  The bit through and round Kewstoke was fine, but I then got stuck behind a grockle in a 4×4 doing less than 15mph and being deliberately obstructive, which wiped out much time and much of my average speed, until I managed to get past him and drop him at one of the innumerable sets of road work generated traffic lights – *grrrrr*!  Ah well, that’ll larn me.  There isn’t an open season on grockles is there?    Not when there’s a J in the month, or some such?  No, thought not…  I came home direct through Uphill and Bleadon, and back past the Webbington again.

Cycling time: 2:01:02
Distance: 31.3 miles
Avs: 15.5 mph
ODO: 4874 miles

Even in the morning it was getting to be a bit warm for me.  It wasn’t the flattest route either.  Actually the annoying headwind at the coast was almost not annoying because it was quite cooling!  Rarely have I been known to thank a headwind…  I spared a thought for GB, who was doing some stupidly hilly sportive in Dartmoor today.  I don’t think I’d have managed a flat sportive in this heat…  Mind you, I am kinda hankering after something to do in the next few weeks.  Maybe not if the summer weather continues though 🙂

There definitely wasn’t as much in the legs today as there has been, so I reckon it may be time for a day off.  I declare that tomorrow is officially a rest day 🙂