Speed machine

The ACG were out again this morning.  There were four of us today – a pretty evenly matched group – my Dad and I, K and G.  Four is a good number to manage – you can cycle 2 * 2 abreast in the quiet bits and chat, and as a line of four, you don’t p*ss the other road users off too much.

K had suggested we head out to Brean Down, and I knocked up a route on bikely for that.   We set off at 9:30am and took a pretty direct route there – through Cross, up the Bleadon Hill, across the A38 over the flats to the café there, where we had a nice cup of coffee sitting outside in the sun overlooking the beach.

We came back in slightly more circuitous fashion – through Berrow, to Brent Knoll, Mark, Chapel Allerton, Wedmore and home again.  I’m still devoid of cycling computer so am relying on my Dad’s computer for the following:

Cycling time: 2:10:00 approx
Distance: 34.1 miles
Avs: 15.9 mph
ODO: 95.1 miles

The weather was glorious.  Very little wind, plenty of sunshine.  My new bike felt really good – very smooth.  I’ve pretty much got the hang of the new gears, though I still make daft errors from time to time.  As we were, for the most part, avoiding hills, I didn’t get to practice downhill braking, but I did get to stand up a couple of times.  Having narrower handlebars means you have less leverage to pull with your arms and push down with your legs – it’s a much smaller tighter maneuvre somehow.  Whether it works as well remains to be seen!  Has to be said, I’m loving the new bike more and more though 🙂

We made really good time – as you can see – and it was a lovely ride.  The roads were full of other brightly coloured lyrcra clad folk who were making the most of it just like us.  Shame there had to be quite so many folk enjoying the roads on four wheels! 😉