The Gift

Some people, given time themselves, a clear day and some space, would hit the sofa.  Watch a good film.  Have a massage, or a long bath.  Read a book.  Pamper themselves in some way.  Not me.  I treated myself to a long ride.  I wrapped up a 50 mile route with a big muddy bow and gave it to myself.  Because I’m worth it :).

It wasn’t an exciting route – these are roads I’ve cycled a hundred times.  Probably literally.  It wasn’t an eventful ride – the weather was grey, the wind was there, and the roads were quiet but wet and muddy.  But it was such a good ride.  To start with I got to the top of Shipham Hill in 14:09, just 14 seconds off my personal best, and my second best time ever.  More notably this is 3 minutes and 36 seconds faster than this time last year when I first started timing the climb.  That’s quite some improvement.  Am I allowed to be a little bit proud of that?  Because I am :).  After that I was properly warmed up, and for the whole ride my legs were feeling great, everything felt smooth and strong, and it was just me, my bike, my music and my mojo :).

So I’ve not got much to tell you really.  I rode my bike.  I took a couple of photos, saw a curlew that might have been a snipe, or a snipe that might have been a curlew, and scared a moorhen witless, though I’m not sure they’re blessed with much by way of wits to start with.

Leaning tower of Puxton

Puxton Church

cyclocross bridge

temporary pedestrian bridge

The bridge over the railway at West Hewish is closed – one of those rare occasions when “Road Closed” even applies to cyclists – so you have to carry your bike over the temporary pedestrian bridge they’ve built.  It’s 4 flights up and quite hard work!  I’m thinking cyclocross really isn’t for me ;).

Cycling time: 3:03:58 hrs
Distance: 52.05 miles.
AVS: 16.9 mph.
ODO: 11706 miles

Up until very near home my average speed was 17.0 mph and I was tempted to go with that, but my journalistic integrity cut in ;).  At least I didn’t have to cycle up and down the bypass to get to the 50 mile mark *grin*.  My ride really felt like a treat, I really enjoyed it, and I’m still smiling :).  Having said that, I’ll could probably use that massage now *grin*.

In unrelated news, I’m off to the London Bike Show on Friday which I’m really looking forward to, and have a growing list of people I want to see:

  • Wattbike – imagine how good I could be if I had one of these and used it properly?
  • British Cycling
  • Nuun – to get hold of some more of their (coming to the UK soon) lemon tea tablets which I really like.
  • Zipvit – they’re offering free samples, and I also need to get some energy bars in.
  • Condor Cycles – I’m going to pop in and see the lady I know who works there after the show – I owe her thanks in person for my Rapha jerseys :).

I’m also arranging to meet some of my twitter friends (tweeps?) for coffee, so it should be a really good day :).  Anyone else want to meet me?  Anyone else I should see?  Speak now… :).

One thought on “The Gift

  1. Mendip5000

    On behalf of moorhens everywhere I’d like to make it clear that we have more with that we’re credited for. I offer this as proof:

    “Why did the cyclist cross the bridge?” – “to get to the rest of the ride”

    I’ll get my moorhen sized coat….

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