The wheels on the bike go ’round and ’round.

Training is getting a little predictable around here.  I did the same seaside loop today as the other day, albeit with G this time.  Stats this time, using the phone stopwatch and bikely again, are :

Cycling time: 2:11:42
Distance: 34.4 miles
Avs: 15.7mph
ODO: 523 miles

The aim this week is just to keep the legs going ’round – not to challenge ’em at all – which this ride achieved admirably.  We got rained on briefly but for the most part the weather was ok – not too warm, not too windy – even if not actually pleasant.  Which sounds wrong since it was actually a very pleasant ride – we had a good natter and a good time.  My legs worked – though I’m going to treat my left knee to a bath later as it still has a tendency to twinge and I’d like to discourage that.  My bottom bracket is creaking again (oo err missus) but that’s not a big issue, and I’ll ask A to have a look at it sometime.  Overall though, a good ride.

I’ve started taking the L2P sponsorship forms on the school run and have managed to raise a bit more, which I intend to keep doing over the next few weeks until I’ve collared everyone!  It does look like I’m going to reach my £1200 minimum target very shortly, which is great news.  Let’s see how much I can top it by!