Tomorrow, tomorrow…

Yes. Tomorrow. (*insert panicky noise here*). When it is highly unlikely that the sun will come out. Did I mention that I can actually make it rain?

So. Haircut completed. Bags packed. Final PT drops done. Legs denuded. Nails painted (which will clearly make me go much faster). Routes to and from Chessington printed out. Instructions for hubby done.

Still to do: Find car keys.  (I know I put them down SOMEWHERE!).  Have bath, in attempt to relax.  Ponder on why there is a banana on the landing.  (Really – there is).  Choose CDs for the journey. Panic. Locate can of Red Bull just in case. Worry. Put bike in car. Panic. Load up car with bags etc. Worry. Eat pasta. LEAVE!!!

At which point I’ll be done. Ready as I can be. En route.



A bientôt! 🙂

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