“What goes up, must come down..

…superfresco makes it easy, it’s by Graham and Brown”.  Which is what you get in your head when you’ve spent a Saturday afternoon looking at wallpaper…  Which is to go on one “feature wall”  in the new bathroom, which, as it’s currently being installed, means no bath/shower facilities chez nous.  Since we were going over to my folk’s place anyway, and I was planning on availing myself of their facilities, it seemed to make sense to make sure that I both really needed them and would really appreciate them.  Yes – you guessed it – this would be an excuse to have to cycle there.  How transparent am I? 😉

So I did.  I’d give you the stats, but my cycling computer has flooped again – no doubt due to the cheap batteries I’ve been using.  Irritating nonetheless.   Especially as it felt like a good ride.  What I can tell you is that my route was very similar to this one, but with the addition of doing Bleadon Hill the proper way.  Which for some reason I felt like and which for some reason also went quite well by my standards.  I’m working a lot on positive mental attitude – in the hope that believing that I can get better, do better, will help me actually do so.  Visualising myself at the top of the hill happy to have made it, that kind of thing.  Well, it’s worth a go, right?  And with all the hilly events I’ve got next year I just can’t avoid doing them any more.

I’m happy with how it went.  Cruising speed seemed quite high.  The headwind was annoying but not insurmountable.  I got it right on more corners and downhills than sometimes.  Nobody tried to run me off the road – though I think they’d like to have done in Yatton.  Not my fault I can get through there faster than they can!  😉  Oh, and there was the one eejot on the coast road but hey, there’s always one…  And after 2 1/2 hrs ish out there, a long warm shower was a very lovely thing.  Job done 🙂

ODO c. 6519