And so this is Christmas.

By the time you’ve reached this elevated age, you don’t get a great many Christmas presents.  And Santa Claus is clearly not satisfied that I’ve been good, for goodness sake, and I didn’t find a Van Nicholas Chinook under the tree.  To be fair, I’d have been beyond gobsmacked if I had!  However I am the happy recipient of an “I love to ride” necklace, and a lovely snuggly crank hoodie.  Not a surprise, since these days the safest way for me to get Christmas presents I like is to buy them and then tell hubby what he’s bought me *grin*.  Best of all my brother and family have bought me, as requested, a Rapha winter hat :).  Can you spot the theme running through my gifts at all? 😉

So the Rapha collection (or addiction) grows…*grin*.  I also had a bit of a weak moment (I may have been drinking) when pointed at the Rapha sale last night…so there may be a Galibier jersey (I’m entitled, right?!) and black logo t-shirt  (black is so slimming) on their way to me too.  Oops ;).  Good thing I got a bit of money for Christmas too, no?  Actually my best gift is a pendant/keyring that MiniMe made me at school.  He’s very proud of it, has been dying to give it to me since term ended, and it’s lovely :).  I just need to find a jump ring and a chain for it and then I’ll be wearing it a lot.  Bless his little cotton socks :).

Clearly I’m not riding today.  In fact I won’t be back on the bike until the Turkey Teaser on the 28th, which I’m already looking forward to.  Time off is really not my thing…  In the meantime however I shall make the most of it, and there is carb loading (aka over-indulging), and resting to be done (falling asleep on the sofa after lunch).  Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you all have a great day :).