It’s Christmas…..!

Well it is now that I’ve got a decent ride under my belt ūüôā ¬†It is officially allowed to be Christmas. ¬†I’ve done as much damage limitation as I can. ¬†Let the games begin!

Anyway I haven’t got time for a finely crafted entry – places to be, people to see, festive frolicking to be done – so please to be excusing me. ¬†Bearing that in mind, I shall continue…

Social media seems to suit cyclists particularly well, and there was a general consensus (ie I’m not sure who’s idea it was initially) that meeting at Sweets today would be a nice idea. ¬†Someone pointed out that Sweets wasn’t actually open, so someone else got all proactive, and presumably as a result, Sweets decided to open today between 10-12pm just for local cyclists. ¬†How cool is that?!

Now Sweets isn’t actually that far away, so I had to get a bit creative with the route and make it worth my while. ¬†Not just my while – as having put out a call to legs, DM decided to join me. ¬†DM aka Boots, if you’re a reader of GB’s blog. ¬†Being as how I’m keen on keeping my hill skills brushed up, such as they are, and considering that he’s a mountain goat, who laughs in the face of gradient, we started with Shipham Hill. ¬†Well, it’s as good a way to warm up as any, and it was a bit nippy as we set off. ¬†DM has not been well and was suffering a bit today, so we weren’t pushing it. ¬†This makes 15:20 to the top pretty respectable, if you’re interested in these things, which clearly I am. ¬†From there it was Churchill, Sandford, Banwell, Christon, Loxton, Mark and Sweets. ¬†Join the dots if you will.

As we approached Sweets, down the final straight of Totney Drove, the Tor 2000 group went past us with, as DM put it, a whoosh of testosterone ;). ¬†I did try and keep up but hey, some things are just not meant to be. ¬†I may not have enough testosterone… ¬†When we arrived Sweets was heaving. ¬†Cyclists from hither and thither – Somerset Cycling, Tor 2000, the ACG, and many others. ¬†Luckily there was quite a lot of flux so service was fast enough, the coffee was good, and we only ended up sitting outside by accident. ¬†It was fab to finally meet up with some of the folk I only usually “see” on Facebook. ¬† I won’t name you all because if I did I’d miss someone out and there’d be hurt feelings and everything, and it’s Christmas and we can’t have that *grin*.

quick, bring the van around...!

a bike with tinsellitis (*groan*)

Someone else getting into the spirit of things *grrrr*.

a contingent of Tor 2000

Coffee drunk, nice chatting done…, but the chill was setting in so it was time to go. ¬†We came home the direct route – straight up Mudgeley Hill, down the main road, in fact as close to as the crow flies as possible. ¬†At speed to try and get warm again!

Cycling time: 2:05:11 hrs
Distance: 33.85 miles.
Avs: 16.1 mph
ODO: 11450 miles

In case you were wondering, I was festive too :).

purple tinsel, of course.