Cyclist’s Stripe

Now that the mercury is much higher, being out on the bike is a much more pleasant experience.  The novelty of still being able to feel your fingers and toes cannot be over-rated.

M and I went out for our semi-regular Tuesday morning ride this morning. Having decided that I could probably cope with the odd hill, I met her in Cheddar and we started off with Shipham Hill.  Long and plodding and hard work that may be, but at least that’s one I know I can do – which makes it easier mentally too.  From there it was down to Churchill, out via Puxton and Edington to Kewstoke, up the short sharp steep hill and then down into Weston.  Up from Uphill, down the main road and then back via Bleadon Hill and the Webington to home.  So – hilly enough then.

Cycling time: 2:20:14
Distance: 32.596 miles
Avs: 14.0 mph
ODO: 8083.6 miles

Not a bad average when you take those hills into account.

Now that it’s warmer, there has been rain…and so that lovely muddy stripe that you get up your back, from a mudguard-less bike, is back.  Thank goodness for washing machines.

I’ve done a lot of 30+ rides lately, but I need to start getting some longer ones under my belt.  Maybe Thursday depending on the weather forecast…