Tired before and after

Well, I was tired before we set out, and tired afterwards.  I guess last night’s gym session probably didn’t help, and it’s also not a good time in my cycle (no pun intended…well, maybe a little pun).  The weather was windy and gloomy, but warm enough.  There were four of us girls this morning, which makes for easier cycling.  Mind you, when one of them is a fresh G, then the speed tends to get pushed up a bit, and I really wasn’t keeping up all that well.  We went out the hilly way past the Webington, out to, and up over Brent Knoll, looping through Burnham, Highbridge, not quite as far as Wedmore and home.

Cycling time: 2:01:52
Distance: 30.688 miles
Avs: 15.1 mph
ODO: 8114.3 miles

As you can see, having to keep up pushed my average speed up a bit, which is probably marvellous from a training point of view.  Oddly I felt like I was struggling and going much slower than that.  Perception is a wonderful thing.  I was quite glad to get home :).

One more Buff has been requested – and S will be giving it a snuggly new home.  If the other folk who requested one don’t speak up soon, they’ll be off to AJ who’s promised to give them Oirish homes :).