A bigger step than expected!

I joined the TOR lot for their Social at the George and Pilgrim in Glastonbury last night – partially because I really like the pub, and also because I wanted a chat with Andy of Kalas sportswear fame who’s going to be sorting my Cycling Mayor kit out.

It was a very pleasant evening. We talked cycling a lot – as you might imagine. I’ve been doing a lot of 30/35 mile type rides and mentioned that I really need to get some longer rides in, build up stamina etc, as well as doing some new routes to stop things getting boring. S, who is endeavouring to train me up properly for the season ahead, selflessly abandoned his Burnham run plans, and we hatched a plan to go out this morning. Which could have been the Hobgoblin talking… Actually the barrel went after the first pint and we had to move on to lesser tipple, which is maybe just as well. Who knows what kind of ideas 2 or 3 pints of the stuff might have inspired! 😉

We met up around 9am, and headed out into a surprisingly sunny and almost warm morning. It wasn’t even as windy as I was expecting.  A good start.  I left the route entirely down to him – it’s always less stressful doing a new route if someone else knows where they’re going and you don’t have to worry! I knew there would be hills…(there are always hills!)…but at least the first part was flat so I could warm up properly, and work the worst of the night before out of my system.

I’m not entirely sure where we went – I was concentrating! – I know it involved Wedmore, Meare, Ashcott, and Butleigh. It got a tad wiggly and quite hilly in places, and the low sun on wet roads proved interesting occasionally, but to cut a long story short, we ended up in Ilchester, where a nice cafe provided coffee and essential carrot cake. Essential because I was clearly not going to be back in time for lunch and I needed fueling! We came back via Glastonbury, Godney, Wedmore, Cheddar and home, a more typical route, which is nice when you’re starting to feel a little tired and you know time is getting on.

So, are you ready for the stats?

Cycling time: 3:50:36
Distance: 58.627 miles!
Avs: 15.3 mph
ODO: 8172.9 miles

Yes. That’s 58+ miles. Quite a step up.  I was planning on working up in small increments you know… That said, it didn’t feel like that far.  I didn’t, and still don’t, feel totally knackered.  Apart from one short sharp hill up to the Wedmore ridge on the way back where I resorted to Shanks’ pony, I think I managed the hills ok – though S may beg to differ on that front.  So that’s hills and miles. ‘Rah! A pretty good ride all ’round I reckon.   I definitely enjoyed it.  Remind me I said that when I get up tomorrow morning and my legs are killing me *grin*. Thanks S 🙂