More miles under the belt

Today it was M and I who set off into the morning’s winter sun.  It was rather chillier than I’d been expecting, and although dressed accordingly, my feet didn’t stay with me for the entire time.  I’m looking forward to the time when that ceases to be an issue – roll on Spring!  We did a larger than usual loop, including a pit stop in Glastonbury where the coffee, though good, still didn’t reach my toes…

Cycling time: 3:12:57
Distance: 46.599 miles
Avs: 14.5 mph
ODO: 8219.5 miles

The weather was nice, the roads were a tad muddy, and the wind was bitter.  However, that’s another 47 miles (give or take) to add to the tally.  The average speed is probably accounted for by the amount of talking we do…not that that comes as a surprise to anyone!

I’ve made a bit more on the sponsorship front – M is now the proud owner of a couple of Buffs too!  I also took my sponsorship form out with me last night and got a couple of sponsors that way.  So, that’s a total of £266.30 raised/pledged so far.  Only £933.70 to go! *gulp*  So much to do…