Well that was hard work!

I had planned to cycle this morning, but when I stepped out of the door for the school run and realised how windy it was I had a serious case of second thoughts!  However, I made myself, and decided that if it was going to be that windy, it would maybe be best to avoid the exposed levels and do some…wait for it…hills!

And boy did I ever!  I started off from the doctor’s surgery, so went up to and then down the bypass to warm up my legs a bit.  Then it was up Shipham Hill, down through Rowberrow to the crossroads at Churchill.  Along to and then up Burrington Combe, which I haven’t done in ages.  All the way up there, left at the end and along to the main road (A39?) to climb up to the aerial….and then down into Wells.

Now I may have thought the hills were hard work, (and I did!), but that ain’t nothing compared to the cycle home into the wind!  The hill down into Wells is usually one of my favourites, and is a long swoopy smooth 11% down…which I had to PEDAL down!  Now that’s just not fair.  To put all that work in to getting up there, and then reap no reward!

Ah well.  I slogged back across the levels south of Wedmore where I was lucky to get up to 12mph against the wind.  I made myself go along to and then up Mudgley Hill, though I was sore tempted not to and cut the corner at Panborough.  Then down (still pedalling!) into Wedmore, out to Cheddar and home again.

Cycling time: 2:52:30
Distance: 39.123 miles
Avs: 13.6 mph
ODO: 8258.7 miles

I was actually expecting my stats to be much worse, so I’m pleasantly surprised.  I can tell I’ve done that hunkering down thing I do when it gets tough, as my lower back and across the top of my shoulders is all achey – which is probably why I’m running a bath now 🙂 I wouldn’t say it was a fun ride, but I guess it was a good one from a training perspective.  Go me!