Spinning Wheels

The ACG hit the road again today.  Not the world’s greatest turn out…but actually better than expected.  Four of us I was expecting, two that I wasn’t.  I had convinced my Dad he ought to join us to make up the numbers but I’m not sure he’ll thank me for it though!

We fell into two groups again, as usual, with four of us taking a more circuitous route around the levels, and two going a more direct way, to a coffee rendez-vous at Sweets Peat Museum, which could get to be a habit…  This time around there were no punctures or other problems, and our two groups actually met on the road shortly before the coffee stop, which was nice.  The café wasn’t as busy this time either so our well earned coffee arrived fairly swiftly too – no cooling down and getting unpleasantly clammy.  After a nice sociable chat we split up again and headed back again.

Cycling time: 1:58:09
Distance: 29.888 miles
Avs: 15.2 mph
ODO: 8288.6 miles

We made pretty good time as you can see.  The weather was kind – I love being in touch with my toes – and after the harder rides of the last week, it was just lovely to be out on two wheels enjoying the ride.  No slogging!  (Sorry Dad!).   Mind you the roads were filthy – and my bike needs cleaning all over again.  See – I knew there was a reason I didn’t wash it that often!  (Luckily hubby rinsed it down when we got back as he’d just finished washing the car and had some spare water….).  I’m really pleased the group is still going – long may it last – and am looking forward to warmer rides.  Cycling in different company is really nice 🙂

And…two more of my buffs have new homes!  D and Dad both bought one today.  Only 3 more to go…one cap, one high-uv one, and one ladies fit.  Not bad 🙂

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