OK, now I’m tired…

Tuesday morning and M and I headed out as usual, for what was intended to be a long run and, since I hadn’t mapped it quite as accurately as I could have done, turned out to be an even longer run than that!

We did a long loop from Cheddar, out through Bleadon and Uphill, along the sea front in hazy sunshine at Weston, round Kewstoke, out onto the main road to Congresbury, past Cadbury, through Yatton, across the levels to Clevedon, and up the hill on the coast road to Portishead…for coffee at my Dad’s.  By the time we got there we’d done 35 miles, so coffee was very welcome.  In fact it was probably essential!

Dad hooked up with us for a while, and we all headed off down into Portishead proper, around the new marina, out through Shepway to Portbury, up the long slog that is Failand Hill, down the dangerously steep and bendy Belmont Hill to the junction where we parted company.  M and I came back to Congresbury on the rather too busy A370, then through the back roads to Churchill, then Sandford, Winscombe and finally…home.

Cycling time: 4:17:42
Distance: 62.344! miles
Avs: 14.5 mph
ODO: 8350.9 miles

This was not a flat route by any means.  And the wind, though not strong, was against us on the way back.  I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit tired now.  My long trousers are also a little loose today and have managed to chafe along the seams on my derrière – not so delightful.  A different kind of cyclist’s stripe?

Tired I may be, and there certainly isn’t a great deal left in my legs…however I’m not feeling too terrible.  That’s my longest run so far in quite some time, and I think I did ok.  In fact I think (and I’ll say this quietly), I think I may be getting a little bit better at it…  I didn’t used to be able to do 60 miles on breakfast and a banana!  I didn’t feel like I was struggling too much, and overall it was pretty enjoyable.  I think I might make the Thursday run a bit shorter though *grin*.