Typical Thursday girl’s ride out.  Three of us this time, with nary a clue as to where to go.  So, after some debate, we decided to go up…up…up…  Well, apparently I like a challenge.  I had been hoping, after Tuesday’s long ride, for a flatish average ride, but no…for the first time this season, it was up Cheddar Gorge!

Actually it wasn’t half as bad as I expected or remembered, and although hard work, I’d swear I found it easier than the last time too.  Maybe I really am getting better at this? (surely not).

Cycling time: 1:58:28
Distance: 25.304 miles
Avs: 12.8 mph
ODO: 8376.2 miles

However it is a very long hill, which probably accounts for the average.  Once up in the clouds – quite literally! – we looped around from near Priddy to go past Charterhouse, down into Shipham where we found the distinctly chilly wind that we had been sheltered from, and then into Winscombe before going along round through Loxton, past the Webington and home.  Not the longest or fastest loop in the world, but I’m not bothered – I made it up the Gorge, what more do you want? *grin*

I’m on the sponsorship path, and spent yesterday getting logos and details from those folk who had already pledged to help me out.  Now I need more!  Did you know that 146 people have looked at this website this month?  How cool is that?  And www.thisissomerset.co.uk have asked if I’d like to be listed in their blogs section so I guess that will mean even more people heading on over here.  All good publicity for anyone who has their logo and details here… 🙂