Wales is NOT flat!

G’s 40th birthday celebrations took place this weekend, down on the Gower Peninsula.  A large group took over a YHA place down there, and of course, being G, this had to involve some riding.

Early Saturday morning, I opened the curtains to see the trees blowing around mentally, and the surf steaming up the beach.  On a normal day weather like that would be my cue for heading to the gym instead.  Having lugged the bike and kit all the way down there, this really wasn’t an option so an intrepid group of 5 equally mad fools set off at around 9am ish.  S was map reader and troupe leader, G was the advance scout, M was in the middle, and P and I were the rear guard.  This was a ride that was touted as a c.2 hour, 35 miles flatish route…  I really should know better than to listen to S!  I think maybe his map reading skills are flawed…but more likely he just does it on purpose *grin*.

Wales is NOT flat.  Especially when you go DOWN to look at pretty coasty bits.  Because then you have to go UP (and up and up and up) just to get to place where you can go DOWN again! *grin*.  There were what I consider to have been some pretty BIG hills.  Steep ones.   Long ones.  Hairpin bend ones.  And I got up all of them.  Tortoise fashion, slow but sure…to catch up the hares waiting at the top.  Probably VERY good training, so I’m not complaining.

We went from Port Einon, round the coast, to the Mumbles, nearly into Swansea, and back out in loopy fashion.  The cross wind was pretty awe-inspiring – almost nicer to cycle into it than against it, it’s less alarming that way.  Other than that the weather was ok, a tad nippy around the edges, but not wet.  The scenery is great – all rugged coastline and crashing waves.  It was really nice to cycle somewhere different, with someone else in charge.  We had to cut it a bit short as it was taking longer than planned, which makes you less than popular with those left behind with the children…can’t imagine why 😉

Cycling time: 2:46:17
Distance: 34.105 miles
Avs: 12.3 mph
ODO: 8410.3 miles

You can tell what the hills were like from the average speed.  My other half informs me that having started and finished at the same place, that our route around Wales is therefore, on average, flat.  But then he thinks he’s funny too.  *grin*.

S kindly took some photos which I’m hoping to get here somehow/somewhere so you can see us all!