Don’t think you’re safe cos it’s not over

Gary and I rode this afternoon. It was supposed to be 50 miles. But then it wasn’t supposed to be a red hot poker day. And the pills were supposed to work and didn’t. So it turned into this instead. On the basis that any ride is better than no ride.

It wasn’t a great ride – for obvious reasons. But my legs actually felt pretty good even if my insides didn’t. And if you look at Strava and obsess about such things, I’m slowly improving as the year goes on, which is encouraging. The company was good, not to mention also being very tolerant, though he did bomb up Burrington Combe like a bat out of hell…! The weather was fairly mild, the wind could have been worse, and a whole heap of assorted summer kit saw the light of day for the first time in living memory. Better out than in.

layers of summer kit

Cycling time: 1:42 hrs.
Distance: 26.6 miles.
Avs: 15.5 mph.
ODO: 1390.55 miles.