Getting better all the time

My brand new helmet arrived first thing this morning, which is pretty cool as I only ordered it on Sunday using the free – not express – delivery option.  Thanks Wiggle!  It’s the Black/Pewter colourway this time – just to make a change.  It will also match my kit and the new black handlebar tape that A in his Scorpion CS role fitted for me today.  Well – the white stuff was looking distinctly shabby pre-accident, and worse afterwards.  He also adjusted various bits, cleaned out the bottom bracket and re-greased it, fit reflectors (obligatory for the L2P), and even washed it!  He’s put a lot of hours into sorting me and my bike out, and I’m very grateful.  My bike is all shiny and ready to go now 🙂

I’m not feeling quite so shiny as my various aches and ows are taking their time to clear up – I have NO patience – so I’m going to stick to the gym for today at least 🙂