Sunshine on a rainy day

OK girlfriend, time to get back on the horse.  Well, to be fair, I had to, because I was picking up the car we’re borrowing from my folks and the most sensible logistic solution to this was to cycle over there, bung the bike in the bike and drive home.

So at 9:30am this morning, I headed out, somewhat apprehensive as to how this was going to feel.  Having resolved to take it easy, my aches eased as I warmed up a bit, which is what going up the hill to the Webbington does to you.  Out and over and up Bleadon Hill, getting into my stride now.  I noticed a tendency towards increased caution, and a little less nerve than usual, but nothing too dramatic.  Through Uphill, along the main seafront road at proper head down speed, and out ’round Sand Bay to Ebdon Cemetary where I was due to meet Dad.  A pretty good hour really, nice warm weather, with what wind there was mostly behind me, and an avs of 16.5mph.  Nice 🙂

I rang Dad, who said he wasn’t far off…and between then and him ringing me to confess to a slight case of location malfunction, the heavens opened in a big way.  Just what I wanted today – wet muddy roads! *grimace*.  We arranged to meet again and actually managed to this time, up by the main road to Yatton.  We zoomed along to Yatton as the rain cleared (too little too late!), and then through Congresbury to cross the levels to Clevedon.  Up the final long hill from the valley and there we were, in Portishead, in time to drink coffee and drip all over the furniture 😉

Cycling time: 2:04:11
Distance: 32.42 miles
Avs: 15.6 mph
ODO: 1230 miles

I actually hurt more now than I did this morning – I think some of the aches are surfacing as they settle in.  My shoulders hurt – both sides oddly, though more so on the RHS, recalling echoes of my broken collar bone… My cuts are ouching up a storm – I think I may still be carrying some road in my elbow one somewhere so I’ll be dealing with that later.  I could carry on, but I think that’s likely to be quite boring…*grin*.  I’m pleased the ride went well though, and I’m pleased to have stayed on the bike – especially as it brakes really badly on properly wet roads!  I’m off to A to get a pre L2P bike check tomorrow, which is clearly more important now than it was before, and I’m tempted to just stick to the gym for the rest of the week and wrap myself in cotton wool.  We’ll see 🙂