Going through the motions

Technically speaking I should be tapering this week…but we all know how good I am at things like that.  Besides which, the temperature was above zero and the sun was shining – how can a girl not go out on her bike?

In a nod towards tapering, I just did my usual training loop type of thing – though I did stretch it a bit.  Not for training reasons, just because it was so nice out there that I wanted to be out there for a little longer!

The sun shone, the wind did not blow, and I didn’t push it.  I just enjoyed the ride.  And it was a ride 🙂

Cycling time: 2:18:39
Distance: 35.99 miles
Avs: 15.5 mph
ODO: 3395 miles

Ok, so not that fast.  But not that slow either.  It was lovely out 🙂  Lots of Somerset goodness – herons, newborn lambs, wide open blue skies, flat Levels…  That sense of promise – of seasons changing.  The thought of returning to shorts and mitts.  To at least one layer less.  Roll on summer 🙂

Of course, it was so nice today, that I can almost guarantee wind and rain for Sunday…*grin*.